Improving museum visitors’ Quality of Experience through intelligent recommendations: a visiting style-based approach


Ioanna Lykourentzou, Xavier Claude, Yannick Naudet

Eric TobiasAngeliki AntoniouGeorge LepourasCostas Vassilakis


Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor, Luxembourg

University of Peloponnese, Greece



This paper investigates the effect that smart routing and recommendations can have on improving the Quality of Experience of museum visitors. The novelty of our approach consists of taking into account not only user interests but also their visiting styles, as well as modeling the museum not as a sterile space but as a location where crowds meet and interact, impacting each visitor’s Quality of Experience. The investigation is done by an empirical study on data gathered by a custom-made simulator tailored for the museum user routing problem. Results are promising and future potential and directions are discussed.


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