OntoFM is a file management tool that offers a mind map-inspired interface for the user to interact with the information base. Besides serving as an information retrieval aid, OntoFM allows the user to specify and update the semantic links between information items, constituting thus a complete personal information management tool.

The implementation of OntoFM is based on Protégé, an extensible open source ontology editor and knowledge-base framework. The file manager is implemented as a Protege tab widget, retrieving information from your personal ontology. Ontology visualization is based upon the OntoGraf plug-in which has been extended to comply with the mind map paradigm.


OntoFM is under continuous development and improvement. We are currently adding new functionality that involves:

  • automatic ontology population by extracting information from:
  • automatic importing of documents directly from online libraries,
  • automatic ontology evolution using ontologyEvolution and similar applications,
  • weighting of concepts based on recent user activity, and
  • sharing capabilities.

OntoFM is currently being evaluated. Evaluating OntoFM will take minimal time and help us immensely in improving the usability and stability of OntoFM.

Perform semantic search for the desktop by exploiting user ontology relations to present files associated with specific concepts! Use the OntoFM file manager to explore your personal information space!

Download OntoFM now!