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The proposed project concerns the development of a bilingual service (English, Greek) in the form of a web-interactive platform/ application that will provide a personalized, integrated and unique travel experience to the visitor of the Attica region. Alternative map routes will be proposed to the traveler connected to the app for recreational purposes, including stops at the selected points of interest with real time information on cultural, recreational and athletic events. Suggestions and relative recreational proposals will match the traveler’s preferences (profile type), determined through a specific internal functionality of the platform, which combines information that she/ he provides (answers to up to 5 short questions) with relative data extracted from social media. Each route includes stops that have meaningful, cultural, chronological or thematic relevance to each other, optimum duration of visit, optimal way of travel and total duration of the journey, creating personalized narration- storytelling and incorporating gamification elements, depending on the characteristics of the visitor and the weighting of her/ his personal interests.

For foreigners, non having prior knowledge of the entertainment- artistic- cultural- sporting ecosystem of the region and of Greece in general, and accounting for the fact that the relevant information is mainly communicated in Greek by the relative media (websites, events in social media, etc.), it is almost impossible for them to match their preferences with the numerous and varied events offered in the Attica. The Tripmentor platform aims to fill the gap of easy-to-access and systematic touristic information availability, creating relevant narrative routes that fit to the preferences (characteristics & interests) of each visitor.

Besides enhancing the touristic experience of the visitors, the visibility (web) of the organizations and businesses in the region is expected to rise. Businesses, active at the cultural, recreational and tourist services sector will enlarge and/ or access new target groups (tourists). Tripmentor will be diversifying the exploration destinations and amplifying satisfaction of visitors through offering personalized services, thus contributing to the better positioning of the Attica region as a city break destination as well as to the extension of the tourist season which will result in the improvement of the region’s and the country’s international competitiveness.

Three parties are involved in the project developments: a) Panteion University, Department of Communication, Media and Culture, which will develop the rules and the theoretical framework for the typology of visitors (profiles, preferences, etc.) and points of interest (history, culture, etc.), and match them within appropriate storytelling & gamification scenarios, b) University of Peloponnese, Department of Informatics and Telecommunications, which will undertake the data mining process and the design & development of a performant platform software c) the company Geoapikonisis S.A.P.GE., which will integrate the research results and individual software tools at the Tripmentor platform.

Project duration: 2018 – 2021